Monday, November 15, 2010

Death by a Thousand Leaks

The Red Thread Studio in Suffolk is closing 
It is with much sadness that we will not be able to keep the building and studio open any longer.  This last year has been a constant battle to get things back together after the fire.  Insurance, city codes and inspectors, contractors, unresponsive business owners, financial/economy and many others things are some of the reasons for this decision to let the building go. I guess the final straw came with the last rain, after cleaning and replacing all the first floor walls and flooring and having the roof  repaired twice, I came into the studio to find around twenty leaks and all our work being ruined.
Although we have lost the physical space, we will not loose all the great friends and mentors that we met in the last 5 years of business in the Historic Downtown of Suffolk.  We will continue our art work in other venues and hope to work with many of our creative friends around the area.  I will still be posting here on this blog and you can find the art work here at Two Red.  Please keep in touch and thank you to everyone that visited the studio and artist that worked with us along the way.


  1. All of this seems so unfair, you and your family have worked so hard to set up this marvelous Studio and keep it operating. And then doing it all again after the fire. You have been such a staunch supporter of the renovation and revitalization of downtown Suffolk and have "put your money where your mouth is"........and donated countless hours to help others downtown as well. The Red Thread Studio will be missed and it will be a loss to the area. But the re-created Red Thread will rise again like a Phoenix from the ashes, using your gifts of -re-creating! Can't wait to see what you do next!

  2. Where death comes there will be new life. I don't know how, but I know you will make this a blessing and a new beginning. I only worry for downtown Suffolk which doesn't seem to know the dying to recognize the living and the growing. Perhaps your shop's leaving will awaken them to new ways. We can hope. Thread on!

  3. Angelia, I am so sorry to read this. Downtown Suffolk will be the poorer for not having your gem of a studio in its city. Thankfully, we can continue to enjoy your artistry and friendship no matter where you are working and creating. ♥